Caelus is the name of the primary continent of the Natural World. It is home to most of the civilized races living on the Prime Material Plane, and is the only continent that is thouroughly mapped and easily accessable.

A Brief HistoryEdit

Caelus has a vast, storied, and bloody history, ranging back to time immemorial. Countless empires and civilizations have risen to power, only to be dashed by war, or forgotten in mists of time. Because of this long history, Caelus is home to a countless number of ruins, many of which remain unexplored by modern adventurers.

The last great empire to rule over Caelus was the human-dominated Sun Empire, which found its end over two thousand years ago. Situated in the southern part of Caelus, the Sun Empire's influence was felt as far North as the Silt Sea, and the empire even had a tenuous grasp on the island chain that now makes up Bunmei. A rebelion arose in area around the Primordial's Crown mountain range, eventually leading the empire splitting in two, and the start of The Last War.

The Last War saw the creation of a new race, the Warforged, the end of the Sun Empire, and destruction on a scale never before seen. The world still hasn't quite recovered in the two thousand years since The Last War. Where once civilization reigned now sits only wilderness. The remaining outposts of civilization; the cities, towns, and villages of Caelus, and now just pinpoints of light in an otherwise dark and dangerous world.

Locales of CaelusEdit


Map of Caelus


  1. Ravenscroft
  2. Iwanako
  3. Kogane
  4. Eevix & Ivix
  5. Spire
  6. Kingsport
  7. Redgate
  8. Trona
  9. Michani
  10. Teufelsspir
  11. Ang Ungol
  12. Gora
  13. Talon
  14. Drak
  15. Untier


  • The Silt Sea
  • The Glassed Desert
  • Primordial's Crown
  • The Shallow Sea
  • Dragon's Claw Coast
  • Everdark Woods
  • Frostweald
  • Shatterspine Mountains
  • The Frozen Heath
  • The Bunmei Islands