Redgate is a rather small, but densely populated city located in a valley on the Northern edge of the Primordial's Crown.

A Brief HistoryEdit

Redgate has existed since time immemorial, in one form or another. It has long outlived the nation that first created it, and the numerous others that have controlled it throughout the millennia. It is by far the most permanent settlement in all of Caelus.

The reason for such steadfast upkeep of the town by the peoples of Caelus is the town's namesake and reason for existence: The Red Gate. The Red Gate is the only known out-going interplanar door in all of Caelus, and links directly to Sigil, the City of Doors. This makes Red Gate not only the most diverse city in all of Caelus, but also the most chaotic. All forms of sentient life can found in Red Gate, not only the races native to Caelus and the Prime Material Plane, but creatures from the Elemental Chaos, the Abyss, the Astral Sea, and far stranger and more distant planes of existence.