Spire is a medium sized city located in the North-East of Caelus, atop a mountain of the same name.

A Brief HistoryEdit

Spire was originally built during The Last War, as a scrying outpost for the Sun Empire. Its completely isolated nature and nigh impregnable defenses meant that it withstood the entire war without a single attack being brought against it. After The Last War, Spire was abandoned. With the Sun Empire gone the constant stream of supplies needed to keep life in Spire viable was no longer available.

Around three hundred years ago Spire was taken over by the Comperatii. The Comperatii's growing wealth allowed them to supply Spire with the constant stream of food. Approximately a hundred years after the Comperatii claimed Spire as thier own, the Monorail connecting Spire and Kingsport was commisioned.